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Sasol Solar Challenge

Over 4500 KM right trough the South African landscape

From 22 till 29th of September Nuna9S will compete in the Sasol Solar Challenge 2018 in South Africa. Alle competing solarcars are only allowed to use the power of the sun to reach te finish. The race will drive us from Pretoria, in the northeast, towards Stellenbosch near Capetown on the Westcoast. On the 29th of September the race will finish in stellenbosch, the next day, on 30th of september all teams will drive to Capetown for the official prize giving ceremonie.

The eight day long race will carry the teams trough all kind of South African landscape, the ultimate challenge for solar cars. After a year of developing high end technologie, strategy will be important for the goal of the race: driving as much kilometers as possible. The kilometers can be collected by driving the route mapped out by the organisation. At the end of the daily route teams can drive loops between 50 till 150 kilometers as many times they can to collect kilometers. Who drives the most kilometers in the eight days will be crowned world champioen solar racing.

Do you want an impression of the 2018 Sasol Solar Challenge? Check out the 2016 aftermovie here


Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

3,000 KM through the Australian outback

Between the 8th and the 15th of October, Nuna9 will be racing in Australia. The participating cars in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge are only allowed to use solar energy to reach the finish. The race is set out between Darwin in the North and Adelaide - which is located 3.000 kilometers south. The winner is the official world champion in solar car racing. 

The first edition of the World Solar Challenge was in 1987; this makes 2017 an anniversary edition. In the early years, this challenge was dominated by large car manufacturers like Honda and General Motors. It wasn't untill 2001 that university teams started taking over, with the Nuon Solar Team in the lead. 

Different race classes 

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is the design competition aimed at manufacturing the most efficient solar car. The biennial is set up to inspire young bright talents and to contribute to a more sustainable means of transportation for the future. The event consists of three different classes, all representing a different design filosophy. The Nuon Solar Team is one of the 42 teams participating in the so-called Challenger Class, which is aimed at creating visually breathtaking aerodynamical masterpieces with a maximal energy-efficiency - for endurance. 

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