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Support crew of the Nuon Solar Team: Hans Peter van Velthoven

Posted on 05-10-2017

Who is helping to make this year's Bridgestone World Solar Challenge a succes for the Nuon Solar Team?  Meet the supportcrew!

Hans Peter van Velthoven


I got involved with the Nuon Solar Team in 2010, when I was asked to make a portrait of the Nuna1-team for the Nuon-Magazine about sustainability. They were very fond of the result and asked me to become the team’s photographer. Off course I  said yes :^) This implied working with super motivated, enthusiastic and fun people, who do not run away from exciting challenges. This really motivates me to go all the way as well. After 17 years of photographing the Nuon Solar Team I’ve become quite an expert. Transcending this experience to the new team is an amazing experience, every year! 

I've learned to cope with the experience of being far away from home and to step even further away out of my comfort-zone. At certain moments, it can be a lonesome, emotionally labile experience. To date I've greatly enjoyed the benefits of this journey! 
Futhermore, it has been the most succesful solar team of the world for the last 17 years. That, in its own right, justifies an absolute existence.  

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