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South African storm hits the Nuon Solar Team

Posted on 24-09-2018

Crown city – The Sasol Solar Challenge has started in a turbulent way for the Nuon Solar Team. In the morning the solar car started to spin with driver Pauline Overes (22) in it. Luckily Overes was not injured and the solar car Nuna9S was undamaged. The student team from Delft reached the finish in time and had a very successful first day. The team just finished setting up the camp, when it was surprised by extreme weather.

Images from the storm (left). The whole camp and all the luggage were blown away in Crown city, South Africa.

Description: Images from the storm (left). The whole camp and all the luggage were blown away in Crown city, South Africa.

Team member Luka Jaksic (22): “Within seconds the sky turned black and all hell broke loose; rain, hail, thunder and heavy winds. Our tents, sleeping bags and backpacks were blown away. We found most of our stuff back in the field and even in trees.”

One team member of the crew consisted of 38 persons became hypothermic. Emergency workers and several team members provided help and the student got back on his feet in a few hours. “The safety of our team has the highest priority at all times. We are happy that we were all safe and well after the storm”, says team manager Jelle van der Lugt (24).

The Nuon Solar Team did everything within their power to rescue their solar car and they managed to retrieve the solar car undamaged. Several other cars in the competition were severely damaged in the storm, among one team which was not able to start the next day. Tokai was able to start on the second day of the Challenge in South Africa and therefore the battle between the Japanese and the Nuon Solar Team continuous.

The team from Delft spent the night after their camp was blown away in a residence. The next morning the Nuon Solar Team started the second day of the eight day long solar race. Team coach Marc Lammers: “Yesterday is over, we have to focus on today and we are going to rock it.”

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