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Nuon Solar Team opens trading day Euronext Amsterdam

Posted on 25-10-2017

Team invited in celebration of their world championship title solar car racing

Amsterdam / Delft, October 25th 2017 - The Nuon Solar Team opened the Amsterdam Stock 
Exchange this morning. Euronext Amsterdam invited the Dutch student team in celebration
of their victory at the world championship solar car racing: the Brdigestone World Solar 
Challenge in Australia. The Nuon Solar Team has participated nine times already, the team 
has brought the world championship trophy to the Netherlands seven times. 

With the sounding of the gong they, moreover, heralded the start of a new year. One in which they
will work towards another race and redevelop solar car Nuna9 after a full year of R&D. The team will
focus more than ever on high-tech innovations. 

Mobility of the future
Their convincing victory does not create room for complacency, according to new team manager Jelle
van der Lugt (23). "This year we've for example added a new function to the Nuon Solar Team: 
Sofware. We are set to make major steps in IT-related fields. We are not only aiming at winning the 
race in South Africa; we also want to make ‘the mobility of the future’, tomorrow’s mobility.”

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