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Working hard on Nuna

Posted on 05-10-2017

These days we are mainly just working hard. Getting up very early, ticking off those “to-do’s”, hanging away those post-its, and on to the next one. Eating well, getting enough sleep and the real die-hards even go running now and then! It looks like we are having most of it under control.

The biggest task still at hand this week was soldering our solar cells. The past couple day’s four to six people have been hanging above our solar panel in a very hot shed. We can feel the humidity rising each day. Even the locals are saying: “This is the week the weather changes, from now on it will only get worse.”. We can’t really do anything else than just keep going and cool off every now and then when we have the chance. But today, the solar panel is finally finished! One of our biggest tasks is finally done, so this gives us a very positive feeling.

Next to this, we have been able to finish a whole lot more, many things we have been postponing to now for the entire year. A magnet here, then this seem is completely tight; a piece of rubber there, then that bit is even more aerodynamic; a bit of sanding and we can still be within the rules of the race; a last hinge so the drivers can get out even smoother; one last logo to sticker or sow and all in all it looks more like a finished car each day. Which is a good thing, because the race is in 23 days(!).

We are not completely there yet, just a few little things until we can actually drive Nuna. Luckily two alumni will land in Darwin tomorrow to help us get everything done.

The last thing in our way: we still need our battery. It’s supposed to be in Darwin by now but still needing to go through some checks and because it is Friday afternoon, things aren’t going so fast. Hopefully we can pick it up soon enough and start making our first meters down here in Australia by next week!

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