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Settled in Darwin

Posted on 05-10-2017

A week ago, we arrived in Darwin with the eight of us. The plan was that Nuna would be there around the same time so we could get to work immediately. There was still some soldering to be done with the solar panel and we could finish a couple of other things. Then when the rest of the team would arrive two days later from there trip up from Adelaide to Darwin, Nuna would be as good as ready to test. Efficient planning! Except for the fact that everything turned out a bit different…

At this point Nuna was in the flightcase on a truck somewhere between Sydney and Darwin. A ride that should have been done in three days, eventually took a week. So in the meantime we were discovering the primary school where we will be setting up our office and workshop for the next month. Here we have a shed we have used as a workshop for the last years we have been to Australia and a lot of our stuff is still stored here. We expected to encounter a fully stacked unorganized shed, but when we got here, we found out everything was very well organized and neatly stacked in a corner. So not a lot to do for us before we could actually work on Nuna, only we had no Nuna to work on…

The three days after that, before the rest of the team arrived, we have explored Darwin and surroundings. We have driven up and down to waterfalls at national parks, we’ve been to the citycentre and laid at the pool at our hostel. And every day, as soon as the companies opened in the Netherlands, we were mostly calling up and down to make everything go faster in the ‘wonder world of logistics’.

On Wednesday we were finally reunited with the other half of our team. After a few good hugs on the parking lot, an extensive barbeque and a couple of beers, we went to bed early. Because our new work schedule starts with breakfast at 6:00 (!) and the next morning Nuna would finally arrive!

Sadly, we weren’t as lucky with our battery. There is enough to do working on Nuna, but without a battery we can’t drive and we can’t test anything. So for now we are using our time to get everything else done. So when the battery finally arrives in Australia we are good on our way.

We used the following days to get into the flow of working here in Australia:
6:00 breakfast
7:00 starting at the school
12:00 lunchbreak (with the possibilities to swim in the pool around the corner!)
13:30 back to work
17:00 two people start cooking
18:00 diner with everybody at the school
After this we can choose to keep on working, but we are also trying to give ourselves a little rest and go to bed early!

There are also many other solar teams, we keep running into them. Either in the supermarket, the construction store or the city centre. Some we even visit to play soccer and eat some pizza. The fact that we lost quite badly we take for granted, at least we have a great time!

Overall, we have adjusted quite well. We get a lot of work done, although there is still a lot more that has to happen. But we’re used to that.

If only we could have a little less bad luck and get our battery in this country within a short amount of time, we can actually be very content with our first week in Australia!

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