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Our solar car Nuna on your event?

Are you looking for a unique opportunity for your event? The Nuon Solar Team will gladly visit you with our solar car Nuna to present our vision on sustainable innovations and technologies. We give lectures on a regular basis to companies to widen their vision. On such events we can give the answers to all your questions; How is it possible that all consecutive teams are successful? What is the secret behind your winning strategy? How is this excellent team built out of sixteen ambitious students with all different backgrounds and knowledge? How are they constantly developping better versions of this winning car, with an extremely efficient performance on solely solar energy?  

There are multiple options:

  • Inspiring lecture by our team members about the eight winning factors of our team and the car;
  • World champion solar car on your event
  • Scale model of the solar car on your event

We would gladly discuss the possibilities with you. Do you want more information? 
Contact us on +31 (0)15-2789577 or send an email to info@nuonsolarteam.com. Together we can make your event a success!


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