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Nuon wants to contribute to the availability of energy in the longer run, without society having to worry about detrimental effects. Since 2001 Nuon has been the main sponsor of the Nuon Solar team and has supported them in the smart and successful use of innovative solar energy. Together with the enthusiastic student team, Nuon wants as many people as possible to see and experience what you can do with durable and clean energy.



Aliancys is a leading global company active in the sales of Quality Resins for composite applications. Together with its customers, Aliancys is pushing the limits of both composite part manufacturing and performance. Taking an integral approach to new product development, Aliancys is using its full expertise in resin chemistry, material science, and component manufacturing for shaping new applications in composites. So let’s talk and increase our mutual business success, both today and tomorrow. Aliancys is a joint venture of CVC Capital Partners and Royal DSM. More information onwww.aliancys.com.



DSM is a global company active in health, nutrition and materials. Innovatioin and sustainability form the base for the opinion and business strategy  of DSM. More information about DSM can be found onwww.dsm.com


Delft University of Technology

The Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is the home of the Nuon Solar Team. In various specialties, the team can rely on the know-how, ample experience and facilities available within the university. All the team members of the Nuon Solar Team are studying at the TU Delft. The following disciplines are thus represented: Aviation and Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics. The TU Delft furthermore supports the team financially.



Since 2016 is Deloitte a partner of the Nuon Solar Team. Deloitte professionals share their knowledge and expertise with the Nuon Solar Team on cyber security, data-analysis and digitalising. In this way they support the team in achieving their ambition to once again become the fastest team in the Brigestone World Solar Challenge.

The Nuon Solar Team is the absolute frontrunner in sustainable innovations. These are also toppriorities for Deloitte.
Through this collaboration we strengthen eachother in delivering the best teamperformances.



At TomTom our mission is to make technology so easy to use, that everyone can achieve more.

We created the portable navigation device, helping millions of people to get to where they want to be. Today, we continue to simplify the complex, making technology more accessible for everyone.

We also make sport watches and action cameras for consumers, and enable businesses to manage and improve their fleet efficiency with our Telematics solutions.

In addition, we offer a real-time map platform that is helping to make highly automated driving a reality.

TomTom is proud to be supporting the Nuon Solar Team in a project that so boldly highlights innovation, and points to the future of driving.



AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) is one of the world’s fastest growing scheduled cargo airlines. ABC operates a young and modern all-cargo fleet comprised of 14 Boeing-747, including 6 new generation 8F, on global route network linking the largest transregional markets between South East Asia, Europe and North America via its hub in Moscow. The airline’s 11-year expertise, its commitment to service excellence and focus on customers’ requirements made it a preferred carrier for the largest multinational forwarders and gained the world’s recognition with numerous awards.


Swiss Re Corporate Solutions provides innovative commercial insurance to mid-sized and large multinational corporations across the globe. Our offerings range from standard risk transfer covers and multi-line programmes, to highly customised solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Swiss Re Corporate Solutions serves customers from over 50 offices worldwide and is backed by the financial strength of the Swiss Re Group. For more information about Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, please visit our website or follow us on Twitter.

At Soltegro we turn complex projects into manageable projects. We are specialist in realizing complex multidisciplinary projects in a structured way. Mostly these systems have strong demands concerning availability, reliability and safety. We focus on zero defects delivery and full traceability of all your requirements. Besides these technical aspects our solutions excel in simplicity and user friendliness. Simplify complexity.

RDW is a public authority in the mobility chain. RDW has developed extensive expertise through its years of experience in executing its statutory and assigned tasks. Tasks in the area of the licensing of vehicles and vehicle parts, supervision and enforcement, registration, information provision and issuing documents. Tasks that RDW carries out in close cooperation with various partners in the mobility chain. This provides RDW with a clear position in this chain, with its mission being: RDW, partner in mobility.

Omnimark is specialist in the corporate identity and lettering of corporate cars, planes and trains.

With 60 years of experience they have grown to one of the biggest suppliers of fleet marking and they serve many corporate businesses, goverment and SMEs with extensive fleets.

One realises complete solutions and has everything under own management: DTP, production, mounting, damage repair, logistics and projectmanagement for (inter)national rebranding- and restyle trajectory. Next to fleetmarking Omnimark also realises corporate identities and commercials on buildings and products.

For the Nuon Solar Team they provide the production and mounting of the decorations of Nuna.Thereby a car wrapping technique is being use whereby the complete body is being wrapped with self adhesive foil.

3M is inspired by new ideas and tranforms this in thousands of ingenious products. Our culture of creative collaboration forms the inspiration for an endless stream of strong technologies which improve life. 3M is the innovative company which never stops to invent. With a turnover of $31 billion 3M has world wide 89.000 people employed and has offices in more than 70 countries. In the Benelux a 1000 people work at 3M, divided over 6 offices, of which 4 production locations and in Zwijndrecht (B) a R&D office.

For more information, check www.3M.nl, www.Facebook.com/3Mnederland or @3MNews on Twitter.

Weerplaza.nl offers everyone the right information about the weather, presented in a clear way on your desktop or mobile phone. You have always got the weather with you. You can decide quick and simple.

Infoplaza BV, the company behind Weerplaza.nl offers with Verkeerplaza also the latest traffic jam information and with OVplaza you can plan without any problem your trip with public transport. The passion of the Infoplaza team is to help people decide with the correct information.

V.O. Patents & Trademarks is one of the bigger service providers in Europe concerning patents, brands and models. More than 60 specialists support clients with maximizing the value of their intellectual property. V.O. has much expertise and experience in Chemistry, Life Sciences, Electrical engineering, Mechanics and Fysics. Our customers vary from tech starters to multinationals. With offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany we operate in a worldwide network of professionals.


Soltech has been producing photovoltaic panels for over 25 years. Next to solar panels (with complete system engineering) for autonomous and industrial applications, over the years they also started the production of grid-connected systems. With this Soltech evolved into a specialist in development, production and commercialization of BIPV (Building Integrated PhotoVoltaïcs). Customized solutions and prototyping are our strengths. Our research activities focus on the interconnection and lamination of solar cells with all kinds of materials in function of the requested application.


Jacobs Transport is a dynamic and passionate Team committed to delivering service excellence and value to our clients through expert logistics and transport solutions

Park 20I20 in Hoofddorp is the world’s first full service business park designed and built in

accordance with the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) philosophy. C2C philosophy strives for a closed cycle of

materials, energy and water as well as the enrichment of biodiversity by application of the principle

of ‘waste is food’.

At Park 20|20 this philosophy is translated into an attractive area of buildings with high quality

architecture and an integrated unique landscape where great attention is paid to innovative and

energy-saving measures, clean energy and a variety of amenities that enhance vibrancy and


Laserbeest is a creative factory where your ideas are converted into laser cut products. Quick accurate and professional. Laserbeest has a lot of materials in stock which enables us to perform a fast production of diverse types of wood (mdf,multiplex), acrylate (perspex), cardboard and other materials. Behind Lasterbeest is a team of three young designers. We would like to actively participate in helping you to realize your project.

Leene Communicatie is the number one communications agency for service companies, civil society organizations and NGOs. We specialize in
information-rich communication based on storytelling. Leene Communicatie advises, creates, develops, and analyses results. Many communication issues we deal with involve themes such as innovation, technology and sustainability. In these – sometimes complex – issues, we are able to get the message across in an understandable, convincing and inspiring way. Nuna tells a story that everyone understands, and that speaks to all of us. It is the story of the future, and we want to be part of that. That is why we support the Nuon Solar Team by advising and coaching them in the areas of media relations, PR and free publicity.

We are Smart.pr, an innovative startup based in Amsterdam. Organisations from KLM to Red Bull have been using our software for years; to manage their press relations, send their press releases and to gain unique insights in the impact of their PR efforts. Every single day. We believe in bringing relevance to a market that is generally flooded with spam. And with a dedicated team of developers, data analysts and account managers, we build software that departs from that vision. By influencing behaviour with simple tooling, we bring PR and journalism closer together. Sounds interesting? Read Frankwatching to see what others have to say about us – or visit our website.

2Basics has entered into a marketing partnership with the Nuon Solar Team. We are proud to help boost awareness of the Nuon Solar Team and to increase sponsor profits for all parties involved. It is work we take great pleasure in doing for other brands, sports federations and governments as well. Our heart lies with sports. Marketing is what we do. Our challenge is to realize benefits on a commercial and societal level within the realm of social sports sponsoring.

NovoPolymers is specialized in producing innovative solutions to encapsulate solar cells. Our cutting-edge films are able to improve the power output of the solar modules. We design encapsulants to support the durability and the efficiency of solar modules to generate sustainable renewable energy. We are proud to supply our most efficient encapsulant to the Nuon Solar Team.

Ubideo is an Amsterdam-based live video-streaming startup that provides viewers a more comprehensive, interactive and impressive live experience of events as they unfold. The Ubideo-app empowers people from anywhere around the world to request a stream, share exhilarating moments and enjoy events, all from different perspectives, as they are happening: live.

Explore, request and share!

Two Men And A Truck is one of Australia’s largest removals companies, moving thousands of homes and businesses every year.

Founder Richard Kuipers started the business from his backyard over 20 years ago. Since then it’s evolved into a fleet of 47 trucks, offices in four states, and services covering the entire moving experience.

Yet it’s still a family-run business that prides itself on traditional customer service, best practice, and its corporate social responsibility program – Moving Together.

By focusing on test and measurement productivity, imc Meßsysteme GmbH in Berlin (D) creates tools which empower engineers to efficiently deploy data acquisition systems and test strategies, thus, meeting the test and measurement challenges of development departments world-wide.

Specializing in an integrated approach to physical test and measurement, imc solutions are well suited for mixed signal testing of complex mechanical and electromechanical systems. In these situations, test engineers demand flexibility and scalable capabilities – especially when a company understands that testing productivity is all about the efficient use of testing resources.

imc Test & Measurement B.V. is the Benelux subsidiary of imc. Engineers in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg are supported by the imc office in Gorinchem (NL).

AGlaze Surface Sealant bonds to the surface of the substrate creating an ultra thin sub-micron barrier. This barrier is highly durable, yet remains flexible allowing it to cope with expansion and contraction of the surface caused by changes in temperature. Once cured, the AGlaze sealed surface exhibits several properties; it remains highly water and soil repellent, it protects the surface from UV rays and reduces friction which aids cleaning and improves the flow of air and fluid over the treated surface.

SEIKO is a world leading company in energy-efficient watchmaking. In 1977 SEIKO introduced its first SEIKO Solar watch. The important breaktrough was the developement of SEIKO’s ultra efficient rechargeble battery that could be powered by all sorts of light. SEIKO is very proud to be the Offical Watch Partner of the Nuon Solar Team.

Xsens is the leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology and products. Its sensor fusion technologies enable a seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world in consumer electronics devices and professional applications such as 3D character animation, motion analysis, and industrial control & stabilization.

Clients and partners include Electronic Arts, NBC Universal, Daimler, Autodesk, ABB, Siemens and various other leading institutes and companies throughout the world.

StuD is the temporary employment agency run by and for technical students from Delft. StuD’s board comprises six students who fulfil a full-time role over a thirteen-month period and are responsible for day-to-day operations. StuD has an enormous cohort of young, capable students from Delft University of Technology who it can place rapidly and effectively. This ensures numerous advantages when you use the services of StuD.

Phoenix Contact is a worldwide manufacturer of components, systems and solutions in the area of electrical engineering, electronics and automation. A diverse product range of modular terminal blocks and special-purpose terminals, printed circuit terminal blocks and plug connectors, cable connection technology and installation accessory offers innovative components. Electronic interfaces and power supplies, automation systems on the basis of Ethernet and Wireless, safety solutions for man, machine and data, surge protection systems as well as software programs and tools provide installers and operators of systems as well as device manufacturers with comprehensive systems.

Eternal Sun is a high-tech company based in Delft, the Netherlands. Founded as a spin-off from Delft University of Technology, we are specialized in solar simulation technology for the purpose of product and material testing. Our solar simulation solutions are innovative and practical in use, and therefore chosen by many worldwide customers. Providing our customers with innovative, easy-to-use equipment and services in order to enable them to develop better materials, better products and to do a more thorough quality-control. We do this by actively thinking together with our clients about their challenges, their ambitions and their future plans.

Delta Elektronika designs and manufactures DC power units since 1959. Unfortunately a
power supply is seen as a minor part of any equipment and often taken for granted. For many
just an electronic box ordered at the last moment. It can be compared with our heart. It’s often
neglected and we tend to pay even more attention to our hair. But if the heart fails the system
goes down.
This is why our design concept has a strong emphasis on excellent technical specifications and
long life. The specifications of our products may seem unrealistic but turn out to be even better
when measured.

AME is an independent developer and manufacturer of high quality electronic products located in the top technological region of the world (Brainport Eindhoven). Our goal is to create innovative products that exceed customer expectations. We accomplish this by integrating product development and manufacturing and keeping a clear focus on the product and its function. Driven by technology, we strive for the best solution combining the disciplines of electrical, mechanical, software and industrial engineering. Through creativity, passion, ambition, motivation and a highly educated level of our employees AME secures its goal of being a profitable company.

Serengeti sunglasses … the top in terms of performance, elegance, protection and style!

Founded in Florida in 1985, the brand Serengeti was immediately positioned at the top end of the market of polarized sunglasses thanks to the unique combination of the lens features and the main innovations.

Serengeti Eyewear provides the Nuon Solar Team with the best sunglasses in the world! Serengeti sunglasses improve the way one sees the world using a variety of advanced photochromic technology, Spectral Control and polarization. In addition to a quieter and sharper image, thanks to the polarized lenses, the lenses protect the eyes like no other against UV light. The Serengeti lenses are photochromic and adapt to changing light conditions, so the eyes will feel less tired. Thanks to the flexible frame and the lightweight lenses, Serengeti provides the Nuon Solar Team with the best possible sunglasses for the Australian conditions. Serengeti sunglasses are available at the authorized opticians ( also on prescription).

With over 800 employees, Koning & Hartman is a unique company for the Telecom, Industry and Infrastructure. Perhaps you have not heard of us before, but you have come into contact with us at least five times in the past week. For instance, when calling on your mobile, watching TV, walking through a revolving door and even when drinking water! All this is made possible thanks to our solutions, services and products. We advise, design, supply, implement, and provide maintenance and management services.

Xebia helps Nuna with organizing their extremely complex process from concept to race. Xebia advises Agile Scrum as a methodology for this. They specialize in the implementation of this method in business and IT. After the success in America, Nuna is one of the first racing teams in the Netherlands which gets this method to work outside of IT. Xebia coach Jeroen Molenaar Nuna currently helps to implement Scrum.

Facom is the Premium brand of the group StanleyBlack&Decker, which dedicates itself to the production and selling of products for specialists in the automotive and industrial sector.

Thanks to his knowledge of the market and his daily contact with professional users Facom can offer innovative, performing and safe products with excellent warranty.

Via its distribution network Facom offers more than 8000 products, like tool trolleys, standard tools and specialized tools to satisfy every need of a professional.

Quality, expertise and support. VIBA delivers mechanical and chemical means for joining materials, measuring tools, machining operation tools and automotive products.

We get the best out of a quickly changing world of Social Media Marketing and Recruitment. We are a partner, not a supplier. This way we build together with you on strong relationships for your company.

The worldwide operating Schaeffler Group belongs with her brands, LuK, INA and FAG in the driving world to the most leading suppliers of rolling bearings, linear products, maintenance products and services for all application areas in the sectors Automotive, Industry and Aerospace. With worldwide 80.000 employees is Schaeffler one of the biggest German and European industry enterprise in family ownership. With 170 offices in 49 countries, Schaeffler has a worldwide network of production sites, research- and development facilities, sales offices, engineering offices and training centers.

Advanced design & Manufacturing of custom inductive solutions with production and offices in western, eastern Europe and Asia.

The ISE staff consists of 50 people. ISE’s headquarters is located in Tilburg, The Netherlands. +31 13 4625910

Applications and markets: Electric drive, fast charging, SMPS, Aerospace and railway, automotive, defense semiconductor, medical, motion control, climate control, oil industry, lighting, Energy metering

Prodim is the manufacturer of revolutionary portable measurement solutions and prototype builders, which are sold to various industries worldwide, such as stone, glass, wood, plastic, fabric and metal.

Prodim is best known for the Proliner Series: a unique digital measuring device, equipped with advanced wire technology. Using the Proliner 2D and 3D measurements can be performed quickly and accurately on-site. The Proliner is equipped with CAD software and a 10” touchscreen which makes it possible to directly check dimensions and edit drawings on the Proliner.

A good CRM strategy helps with creating the right focus in your organisation. Application of online marketing techniques ensures that customer knowledge can be used more efficient en effective with serving new or current customers. By using Social Media in combination with a content marketing approach you can respond well to questions of customers.

west6 gives honest advice without finery and offers hands-on support via a clear project-based approach.

Vitamine & Zo is the biggest supplier of workfruit in the Netherlands, weekly we provide over 1.400 companies spread over the whole country Fruitboxes with top quality labor vitamins. Vitamine & Zo goes beyond just supplying fruit, by using display material in the corporate identity and originial follow-up actions we want to create a healthy experience on the work floor.

Schaeffler, with her brands LuK, INA and FAG is one of the propulsion sector’s most innovative developer, producer and supplier of rolling bearings, linear products, maintenance products and services for all common applications in the Automotive, Industrial and Aerospace sectors.

Schaeffler sponsors the Nuon Solar Team with gliding bearings and rod ends for the suspension and steering system. They also provided the team with FAG-hybrid precise angular contact bearings for the wheel- and motorbearing.

The choice for these hybrid super precise bearings follows from the teams wish to have a rolling resistance as low as possible, making Nuna more efficient.

De Breed & Partners supports innovative businesses. Our main aim is the financing of innovation through, for example, the submission and optimisation of subsidies, credits and the acquisition of salary and income taxation advantages for innovative companies.

Make life easier, save the environment and inspire people.
Our innovations do just that. With technologies such as wireless charging, for instance. It’s just everything you need.


Are you interested in becoming a partner of the Nuon Solar Team? This is what we have to offer:

The Nuon Solar Team is a prestige student project from Delft University of Technology. Its aim is win the World Solar Challenge, a 3000km race straight through the hot desert of Australia, purely using solar energy. The vision is to inspire the world with high-end technology and the superefficient usage of sustainable energy.

Due to the use of the most advanced technology, materials and knowledge, partnerships keep on evolving and we are always on the look for new opportunities. In return for financial support or in-kind sponsoring we can provide solutions for several marketing and communication goals or help with Solar car related Research & Development projects.
To obtain these goals the Nuon Solar Team implements the following characteristics in a communication plan:

  • A sustainable, high-tech, competitive and international image;
  • A reach of 80% in the Dutch population, international reach not included;
  • A media value of €8,3 mil, international media not included;
  • Several interesting target audiences;
  • An unparalleled track record: six gold, two silver medals;
  • A wide B2B network;
  • Professional visual documentation;
  • Professional PR activation

Interested? Send an e-mail to info@nuonsolarteam.com or call +31 (0) 15 2789577!