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Finish nearby for front runner Nuna.

30-09-2016 / Finish nearby for front runner Nuna.

On the last racing day of the SASOL Solar Challenge in South Africa the Nuon Solar Team is still in a leading position. The route of the race today took the team through the Garden Route: this is the most beautiful and exciting part of the track.  

Mechanical engineer Pim Wubben says: ‘’To pass the mountain sides of this challenging route the engine of Nuna needs maximum strength to get herself to the top. Together with the heat generated while breaking, the temperature of the engine rises significantly. We have thought a long time about how to keep the engine on a safe temperature and how to drive as efficient as possible. Luckily our calculations turned out to be correct and we managed to safely cross the mountains.’’

Follow the finish live from the Netherlands!

Tomorrow the students from the Nuon Solar Team will race the last stage of the SASOL Solar Challenge. They will finish around 16:00 in Cape Town. Just like the last couple of days the arrival of the team can be followed live from the Netherlands on our YouTube Channel: NuonSolarTeam. The team will share the link through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. It will also be possible to witness the finish on a big screen at the TU Delft campus (Sports&Culture centre).