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Last weekend before scrutineering

27-09-2013 / Last weekend before scrutineering

Day and night we are working on Nuna7. She should be in the best possible condition at the start of the race. We’ve had some successful testing days, of which you can read more further on. Tuesday the 1st of October, Nuna is subject to scrutineering . Here the whole car checked by the organization. They will see if we comply with all regulations and whether the car is safe enough to drive the race . A few days later, on the 5th of October, we will drive the qualifying rounds on Hidden Valley race track. October 6 is the day when the Nuon Solar Team will start its challenge to get the gold back to the Netherlands.


Scrutineering of Nuna6 

Technical optimalisation of Nuna7

Due to the delay incurred in the transport of the car, we lost a week of our testing time. The first thing that had to happen was to make the car technically sound. We had to have a car that could finish the race. That meant that we had many parts to finish; we had to replace a Battery Management System, causing the battery to be completely rewired (which are more than 100 threads that all have to sit just right ); the wrap of Nuna was not aerodynamic enough, so that was sanded, polished and coated again Akzo Nobel Sikkens coating; the fenders were finished; the panel was reattached and all seams were filled up as well as possible.

Teunis canopy edit

Testing in Australia

After the car was technically finished​​, we got on to the road as soon as possible. We can drive on Cox Peninsula Road, a road in the south of Darwin, to test it in Australian conditions. It is much warmer than in the Netherlands, something the whole team haf to get used to, the drivers have to deal with (it gets up to almost fifty degrees Celsius in the cockpit), but also the electronics were struggling.
That’s the first problem that showed up, the electrical equipment got too hot. Therefor cooling blocks were improved and a small fan was added to the electronic box in the car. Furthermore Nuna drove a little restless, crosswinds were felt too well, causing Nuna too deviate a little too much from its route. In order to make Nuna be as secure as possible, solutions had to be found quickly. In the end, during the last two days of testing, approximately 1000km were driven, without a single problem.
You could say that Nuna7 is ready for it all, but we are not satisfied. Every detail that can be improved is still being addressed, so that nothing can stand in the way of the first place. We do not want to be able to make any excuse for not winning. There are some further positive developments , which you’ll be able to find on our social media and on the website during the coming days. There are daily videos of the team members posted online of the preparations, which you can see on Facebook and Twitter.


Until the race

The coming week we will place some cool new developments online, which will certainly contribute to the success of the Nuon Solar Team. Keep a sharp eye on the social media and perhaps you can find one of our innovations in the picture on top?

Sunday the support crew of former team members, sponsors, media and Wubbo will arrive. We will than train as a Formula 1 team, so that all control stops go as quickly as possible and can potential problems can be resolved within the shortest possible time