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Racing in Egypt: Not quite as expected

Just under two weeks ago the Nuon Solar Team announced that it would head to Egypt to participate in the…


Solar racing in the Sun God’s land

Despite Nuna8 having covered more than 8000 kilometres on solar power in Australia and South-Africa, she is still hungry for…


Winning the SASOL Solar Challenge

Today the Nuon Solar Team proved once again that they are able to build to most efficient solar car in…


Finish nearby for front runner Nuna.

On the last racing day of the SASOL Solar Challenge in South Africa the Nuon Solar Team is still in…


More Bad Luck on the Way to Cape Town

29 September – The bad luck doesn’t seem to stop for the Dutch team. Yesterday they got stopped by the…


Jammed up in traffic

28 September 2016 – The fifth racing day brings the Nuon Solar Team through the busy traffic in Port Elizabeth,…


Tough Mountain Stage Pushes Nuna to the Limits

27 September 2016 – On the fourth day of the SASOL Solar Challenge in South Africa, the students from Delft…


Ultra-light Solar Cars Almost Blown Away in South Africa

Last year the Nuon Solar Team has been working night and day to build the world’s best solar car in…


Nuon Solar Team Keeps the Lead with Damaged Car

25 September 2016 – On the second day of the SASOL Solar Challenge, the Nuon Solar Team kept their first…


Exciting first racing day for the team in South Africa

24 September 2016 – Today was the official start of the SASOL Solar Challenge in Pretoria, South Africa. The Nuon…


Nuna sets record at the qualification using Virtual Reality

22 September 2016 – Today, the Nuon Solar Team drove the qualification for the longest Solar Challenge in the World,…


TU Delft students world´s best solar panel

20 September 2016 – Today the Nuon Solar Team reveals two of their secret weapons to all the competing teams…


Newsletter – Testing time in Africa

We have completed the trip-up during which we encountered a lot. From brand new four lane highways to bumpy streets….


Newsletter – The first week in Africa

Only one more week to go before Nuna and the team depart for South-Africa. Once the Nuon Solar Team  arrives…


Newsletter – One week left

One week before departure  Only one more week to go before Nuna and the team depart for South-Africa. Once the…


Newsletter – Only 3 weeks left!

Almost there Only three weeks left before Nuna and the team take off to South-Africa. On the 18th of August…


Newsletter- Only seven weeks left

  The last weeks have been a handful. The wrapping and coating of Nuna went differently than planned, but we…


Newsletter- Makeover

Makeover Since the start of 2016 we use chapters of three, four or five weeks as a way of visualizing…


Blog: How to drive the perfect solar race

As strategist of the Nuon Solar Team I often spend my time alone in our office. The marketing team will…



Teams preparing for next year’s World Solar Challenge have been urged to gang up on the Dutch Nuon Solar Team….


Blog: How I came to love solar racing without racing one minute

In the middle of an October night I found myself in an office in the Dreamhall in Delft, cheering for…


Newsletter – The first big steps

  Last week we made some great steps to make our project a success! Unfortunately we cannot go into the…


Newsletter- Maroc, here we come!

South Africa On Monday the 2nd of May the Nuon Solar Team has officially registered for theSasol Solar Challenge in…


Newsletter – Testing time!

Testing Tests, tests and more tests… The last couple of weeks have been full of them. Past Sunday the crew…


Newsletter – A new design

Design A new year, a new design! In this phase of the project we review drafts of new designs for…


The SASOL Solar Challenge

Some of you might have guessed it already but now we are finally able to tell you. We are going…


Newsletter – New Flightcase

Winning a race takes a lot of effort, not only from the team but as well from all of our…


Newsletter – 3D printed mini Nuna

It has been an exciting week for the team with all the sponsors coming over to see Nuna. Furthermore the…


Guest blog: Preparing for The Challenge

You might think that the World Solar Challenge is all about building an excellent solar car. Obviously it is, but…


Nuna’s foundation: The suspension

Due to the fierce competition in the world of solar racing, the Nuon Solar Team always makes the design of…